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My name is Allison; I am a mother, wife, follower of Christ, registered nurse, and lover of anything that allows me to be creative and bring others joy. During my ten years of my nursing career, I learned to value life even more than I did before my job required me to care for others' emotional, mental, and physical burdens. And after I had a wedding of my own, I decided with my background in hospital bedside nursing, I could be an ideal person to critically think in stressful moments, cultivate feelings of peace while in the midst of complicated projects, and successfully manage and delegate in a gentle and timely manner. I have been so grateful with the support and trust from my family, friends, and clients who have allowed me to combine my nursing management and emotional skills with my passion for art and creativity.

 Honey and Fringe also wants to use our work for His kingdom.  We support a wonderful local organization that helps fight and prevent evil in our city. By hiring us, you will be a part of aiding the vulnerable and oppressed in Nashville. Thank you for being a part of the fight for good. Mark 12:31


I'm always looking for new and enriching opportunities for creativity. I would love to hear about your ideas and bring them to fruition. 

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